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NorthWest Z Christmas Dinner 2004 - December 03, 2004

by Clint Barnts

Wow, the holiday season was fast and furious. Northwest Z held their annual Christmas Dinner this year at Yaquina Bay Restaurant in Albany, Oregon. This past year (2004) Northwest Z had more activities then ever before. Because of all our fun, unfortunately, leadership was a sleep at the wheel about thinking about the clubs annual dinner.

Much to the pleasure of the club, Bob and Nancy Minnick rode to the rescue. With very short notice, Bob and Nancy were able to secure a fantastic location that was pretty centrally located for all our club members to attend. Seeing how we have grown to close to 65 members spread throughout Oregon and Washington that is very important.

This year's dinner out grew our prior location with approximately 55 members and spouses and significant others attending. What a hoot it was! Club members starting showing up around 6:00pm to get the evening off to a quick start. Rick from Accurate Auto (club sponsor) provided gift certificates for all members in attendance before dinner was served around 7:00pm. After dinner, the out-going officers were presented with gifts of appreciation for their work during the year. Then the fun really started. With gifts provided by our Jordan Ancke - Lithia Parts Department (club sponsor) and Ryan Wamsley being Santa, the club raffle was held. Everything from key bobs, hats, license plate holders, car kits were won by a very appreciative membership. Sure would like to talk Ray Hoen's wife out of her hat.

After the raffle a hilarious white elephant exchange was held. This event was organized by our incoming President Wendy McIlnay and Lance McIlnay, the incoming events coordinator. What can be said about this event other than I think people are still laughing about all the fun they had. Rick (Accurate Auto) was very impressive sporting the annual rotating (white big underwear)... seemed a little large but much to his dismay the under garment seemed not to rest in any one spot too long.

Finally, after most of the laughter and good times subsided members started making their way home. Looking back this year, many memories and friendships were made. The Northwest Z Christmas Party was a huge success and not only a wonderful way to end the year but also a fantastic way to start 2005.

Pictures of the event are available on John Nelson's website:

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